Hello world!

I am Ettore Grillo, from Enna, where I live. My town is located in Central Sicily, nevertheless I consider myself citizen of the world. If it were up to me, I would abolish all the frontiers, letting people free to go and work and live wherever they like. Only the spiritual races exist, and the only hope for man of today  is the very subtle thread which links persons who belongs to the same spiritual race, devoted to the good, peace,  and  progress of  humanity.

Good and evil do not exist by themselves, they are caused by ignorance and delusions. On the other hand  if there is a soul or a mind inside the body, it cannot be different according to the place where people are born.

Nevertheless there are different cultures and religions or better cults; as only one Religion exists, the cults changes.

Usually I live in my town for eight months. I spend the rest of the  year  travelling.

I am not a common traveller provided with camera or movie camera. In my travels I am not equipped with such gadgets. I travel not for filming places,  but for knowing new people, new cultures, new environments.

There was a time in my life when I was suffering from anxiety and above all from huge mental confusion. A great Chinese man once told this story: “ last night I dreamed to be a butterfly, now I don’t know if I am a man who dreamed to be a butterfly or a butterfly which is dreaming to be a man”. Well, I was like that. Unable to distinguish the dream from reality, so enormous was my clouding. I was paralyzed  like it happens to a  computer whenever it is blocked up. Then I compared human mind to a software of a computer which works better if it has much data at disposition. For collecting data I started to travel. I met many powerful people who helped me. 

Furthermore I had to give an answer to my fundamental question: “There is a life after death?” I have been coming across many people all over the world, cultures and rites.

The book I have recently written contains many data, plenty of information. It can be very useful for healing anxiety, mental confusion, and for regaining your inner strength, your energy.

My mother language is Italian, but I have written it in English because I want to spread my message as much as possible.

The title is “Travels of the Mind”. It is available online and in the bookstores.

Ettore Grillo Author of “Travels of the mind”