Yesterday I went to Apostolic Church. I enjoyed the service and once it was over, the Pastor and I went to pizzeria where we ate a pizza and drank some wine. Afterwards in the car, owing to the wine we had drunk, we set off a discussion about Gospels, faith, reason, Virgin Mary, salvation and so on.
“Don’t you believe in the Gospel?” said the Pastor;
“Yes, I believe in it” was my answer “but I want also to use my brain. I want to understand before believing.
“What parts of the Gospel do you like I explain to you?”
“There is a deep rift between Protestants and Catholics on one hand and Jehovah’s Witnesses on the other hand. For you Jesus was the Son of God, for Jehovah’s Witnesses he was a man, a mortal ordinary man. Who is right?”
“Obviously the Jehovah’s Witnesses are wrong, as they don’t understand the mystery of Trinity that means Father, Son and Holy Spirit are a unity, a whole”
“ Yes” I retort “ but explain to me, please, for what reason Matthew in his Gospel report the Jesus’ genealogy, starting from Abraham for ending with “Jacob was the father of Joseph the husband of Mary, by whom Jesus was born, who is called the Messiah ( Matt 1:16.). If Jesus was really the Son of God it is a nonsense the reporting of His genealogy!”
“By whom was born… is referred to Mary, not to Joseph!”
Then we talked Virgin Mary.
“Before Jesus was born Virgin Mary didn’t have any sexual contact with Joseph, afterwards She had sex with Her husband, as you know” said the Pastor “Jesus had brothers”.
“I don’t consider sex as a sin. From sex springs life. If you consider sex a sin, also life has to be considered sin”.
Then we broached the issue “salvation”. For the Pastor only Jesus is the way which leads to salvation. For me Jesus is symbol of “Love”, so if we practice Love all the paths will lead you to salvation. In fact it cannot exist a God Who changes His face according to the Religion we are practicing.
I have written a book “Travels of the Mind”. In it I point out a new way of living. My website is http://www.ettoregrillo.com



All over the world it is known that Italy is coping with the thorny issue of garbage disposal. This problem concerns not only the city of Naples but also my town Enna located in the center of Sicily.
Let us examine the facts. In truth there is a difference between the situation of Naples and my town. Naples is located in Campania, a region where the population density is very high, so it is really difficult to find garbage dumps faraway from built-up areas. My town indeed is located in the center of Sicily and isolated, faraway from other towns. Near Enna there is a very wide garbage dump, so I cannot see why my town is so overwhelmed with mountains of garbage.
Today, when I was walking along the street, by chance, I was interviewed by a national network. They asked me: “Who is the responsible of the chaos of the waste in Enna?” “Politicians” was my answer. Then I continued, “The cause is lacking of culture in politician class, so they are not able to manage the situation”.
Nevertheless when watching the television I saw the report, only the talk of the mayor of my town appeared, and my interview was omitted, it was cut off. Is this democracy? Is this transparency?
The place of my town where I was interviewed is called Napoleone Colajanni square. Napoleone Colajanny was a politician of my town but also a scholar. He was a sociologist. In 1892 he unveiled the scandal of Roman Bank. He wrote books about mafia as well. He was an honest politician. He considered politics as service to people. Nowadays politicians consider politics as service to themselves!
I have written a book “Travels of the Mind”. In it I point out a new way of living. My website is http://www.ettoregrillo.com