Whikileaks has been obscured, his founder Julian Assange is wanted by international police. I feel the duty to spend some word in favour of Julian Assange, even though I do not know him. I feel he is an honest man. He has given a great toll to human kind. Posterity will be the judge of it!
What really surprises is the timeliness of the warrant of arrest. It is very strange the justice works according to the time. Why just now and not before?
For having been such an overreaction to the spreading of the secrets inside the Embassies, I ask myself, what do the Governments have to hide? Why we ordinary people cannot know these secrets? I think if one is correct cannot fear anything, but maybe there is something of dirty, really dirty inside our politicians. So it is better to silence any voice which might talk against politicians’ businesses.
My book contains many data and it is a must for people who want to open their mind. It describes many religions and rites. The title is Travels of the Mind. My website is http://www.ettoregrillo.com.
Ettore Grillo



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