Ephemeron is the only living being whose life lasts just one day, yes one day; it is born at dawn and dies in the course of the night.
I do not know if the ephemeron is aware its life lasts only one day but anyway for it a day of life is important as it is unique.
If we consider for a while the life of an ephemeron we can appreciate our human life; it lasts a little bit more than ephemeron’s but it is ephemeral as well.
Once I saw a man who at the age of eighty was diagnosed of cancer. One of his children wanted to take him to a hospital equipped with new technological tools for trying to save him, but all the other relatives opposed assuming he was already old and they wished him to die quietly and surrounded by the love of his relatives.
When I was a lawyer it happened to me to defend people who had been killed because of car accidents. On assessing moral damages I never operated discrimination between young and old victims, as human life is worthwhile to be lived, without any distinction depending upon age or conditions of the person. In fact youngsters and elders, sound and sick people live only once.
We do not know whether we are going to reborn or not; we only know our life is just a meteor in the universe, therefore also one day of life in addition is precious for it corresponds to the whole life of an ephemeron.


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