Christmas is getting near and in the streets of my town you can see the preparations to dress the big cedar in the park. Nowadays, in my town there are many Jehovah’s Witnesses who, even though they are Christians, do not believe that December 25th is the real day of Jesus’ birth. Moreover both Jews and Muslims do not celebrate Christmas. What about showing respect for their feelings? Dressing the trees in public streets and parks does not respect their faith.
Therefore, on Christmas everybody should be free to dress Christmas trees at his own home or in his private garden, but the City Council should not allow this pseudo-expression of religious feeling and the waste of a lot of money which belongs to collectivity. Saving power on Christmas would benefit the environment and the coffers of the state as well.
Ettore Grillo author of The Vibrations of Words



GrilloCoverNowadays, everybody knows that life begins when two gametes join. Nevertheless, so far even scientists do not know when a human being starts to live. In other words, is the zygote, which is fruit of the union between male and female gametes, a living being endowed with soul or it is just flesh?
According to all religions human beings are not made just by flesh; they have a soul inside. Some religions, for instances Buddhism, prefer to call mind the energy or mental continuum which is inside human body, but despite different wording, every religion recognizes that man is not just flesh, for something immaterial makes its abode inside him. The soul or mind is supposed to be a kind of energy or entity which is immortal, without beginning or end.
Now, by modern technology it is possible to freeze embryos which at the right time are implanted into a uterus. It is possible to keep the embryos frozen for long time, theoretically forever. Does it mean that the immortal soul or mind which is inside the embryo is frozen as well?
The inference is just one: either the soul does not exist at all or, if it exists, it enters the body not at the time of conception but at birth. Nobody knows the truth. As for me, I strive to understand the meaning and aim of our precious human life.
Ettore Grillo author of The Vibrations of Words


Two years ago, I was strolling in Hollywood along Vine Street when I came across the rooms where the works of a great philosopher were exhibited. I got in and asked a person in the room information about the philosopher. He is L. Ron Hubbard, I was answered. He was the founder of Scientology. I looked around for a while and then I bought the book Dianetics. I have read this book slowly and appreciated some creative ideas. One of them regards the border between mental aberration and sanity. It is based upon the concept of generalization. The deviate generalizes everything: people, classes, races, religions, countries, and generations, good and evil; while the sane person does not lump things together without discrimination. People cannot be classified according to the country of origin, the religion they practice, the age or the social class. The sane person does not does not lump together.
Ettore Grillo author of The Vibrations of Words


The issue forced treatment for people with mental illness is very wide, for it involves the relationships between body, brain, mind, soul and spirit.
If you move from the assumption that only body and brain exist while mind, soul and spirit belong just to the philosophical and religious speculation, the problem is soon resolved in these terms: “As human being is just flesh the psychiatrist has the right to treat his patient by whatever means at his disposal included pharmacotherapy and electroconvulsive therapy.” But, if human being is also mind, soul and spirit, can the psychiatrist treat these latter elements by drugs?
A fact is that so far the scientists do not know how human brain works. They even do not know how a cell reproduces. The treatment for the madman is based upon symptomatology. It is possible to treat the symptoms but not the underlying cause. It is like if when there is a fire in a room and you strive to prevent the propagation of the fire by cooling the walls. The fire is kept under control but it still remains inside the room.
If we move from the assumption that human beings are made from body, brain, mind, soul and spirit, the psychiatrists cannot treat by drugs or ECT (electro convulsive therapy), something they do not know, that is soul, spirit, mind and the processes of thought.
The bottom line is that man is not only flesh, therefore whatever treatment for people with mental diseases has to move from the cure of his soul and mind first, while the therapy by medicines or electro convulsions should be regarded as the last chance.
Ettore Grillo author of The Vibrations of Words


The Gospel states: “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God” (Luke 18:25).
What does it mean this passage of the Gospel? I have my own idea, but today I want to tell the opinion of a friend of mine who is an Indian homeless man. He was a teacher, and then he chose to become a homeless man. He said to me he did so because wanted to search for God.
According to him money is blessing of God. Being a rich man is not a curse. Money has spiritual value indeed. Therefore rich people have to fight their greed and miserliness. To enter the kingdom of God they must use money for the benefit of all human beings not just for themselves. It is really difficult to give spiritual value to money, for that few rich men can see God.
Ettore Grillo author of The Vibrations of Words


Once I was convinced that one should be grateful to the people who have helped him during his life. Nowadays, basing upon my experience, I think one should express gratitude to his opponents and enemies as well. What I have learned from people with whom I have argued I could not learn from my teachers and friends. Indeed, my opponents strengthened me, for they taught me how to survive, how to win the battles which life itself brings us.
Hence I express gratitude to the existence; to the life which is the best teacher made of friendly and unfriendly persons. All of them are good teachers.
Ettore Grillo author of The Vibrations of Words



It is said that also the god Mithras was born in a cave on December 25th. It is said he was begot by a virgin as well. His followers believed in the eternal life. For that he was very popular with Roman soldiers. Christianity borrowed many rituals from Mithraism and several Christian churches overlapped temples dedicated to god Mithras. Renowned is the Basilica of San Clemente in Rome, near the Coliseum. It has been built on three levels. In the last basement there is Mithras’ temple.
Hence the date of December 25th is just symbolic. It doesn’t coincide with Jesus’ birth. From time immemorial, in this day people celebrate the winter solstice, which represents the victory of the light over the darkness. On the other hand, Saint John’s birth, who was Jesus’ cousin, happens in summer solstice.
Christmas celebrations are just rituals, custom and have a symbolic meaning. They have nothing to do with the real day when Jesus was born.
Ettore Grillo author of The Vibrations of Words



Dualism means dichotomy, splitting the whole into two exact parts. The original sin is related to dualism and dichotomy. Man wanted to know the difference between good and evil and that is an awful sin, for man cannot know what is good and what is bad.
Human beings tend to discriminate and split reality and life in two halves. So we separate the material from the spiritual and the good form the bad. Indeed life is a whole, a unity. It is neither good nor bad, neither material nor spiritual. It is just life, which is energy and vibration. Even inorganic substance vibrates and has psychic processes.
Hence, the criterion to give a definition of the term “spirituality” passes through a synonymous which is “love”. Yes, spirituality means love. If you love are automatically a spiritual being and by yourself, through your love, you will find God.
Ettore Grillo author of The Vibrations of Words



In religious field I would make a distinction between freedom of speech and freedom of insulting. The former has content indeed, while the latter has no content. You can express freely what you think and believe it is right but you should not offend the religious feelings of people who practice their religion, by casting insults to their prophet or to their god or gods.
Personally, I follow the paradigm given by Alexander the Great who worshipped all the divinities whom he came across along his way of conquest.
Ettore Grillo author of The Vibrations of Words


“‘Once upon a time in China, there was a farmer who lived
by the fruits of his small farm. For ploughing and for transporting
material and food, he used his horse. One unfortunate day,
the horse ran away so that the farmer ran into serious difficulties.
His neighbors pitied him and asked him questions.
“‘What are you going to do now that you do not have your
“‘What God will decide,’ he answered.
Travel to Paravati
“‘One fortunate day, the horse came back and with it a
mare, a superb mare, so that the farmer became richer than he
was before. Nevertheless, his son, trying to tame the mare, fell
down and broke his leg. Again, the neighbors gathered around
the farmer pitying him, and they were saying, “What are you
going to do now, as your son has broken his leg?”
“‘“I rely on God’s will,” was his answer once more. The
following day, the army came to recruit young men to go to
war. All the neighbors’ sons were recruited and they were
taken to war, except the farmer’s son, because of his broken
“‘What is the meaning of this story?’ I asked
“‘The meaning is very clear. In order to continue in your
quest—both spiritual and metaphysical—you do not have to
struggle but simply let yourself be driven by the events, by life.
That does not mean that you have to be slave or victim of the
circumstances. That does not mean that you do not have to own
your inner strength and energy or decisional capacity. You just
have to know that situations, circumstances, reality do not have
to be forced or exasperated. Everything has to run smoothly
like water in the river that slowly flows into the sea. You must
never run or rush. What matters in life is not to run but to hit
the center of the target.’
Excerpt taken from Travels of the Mind.
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Ettore Grillo author of The Vibrations of Words