9781618978691 Grillo TB 090112
The Vibrations of Words is a blockbuster. It will set off your heart, mind and soul. It has many contents and will broaden your mind. In it you’ll find, music, theatre, esotericism, gibberish, Santo Daime, Judaism, Hinduism, mantras, Osho and so on.
Every sound has vibrations which produce effects on the physical and psychical plane. Also written words have vibrations. Words can create life, a new life.
Once, in the city of Prague there was a rabbi who, through words, activated a golem and with different words deactivated it. The golem was a living being devoid of soul. Have you ever heard of a golem before? Reading the Vibrations of Words new horizons will appear and for a while you’ll find yourself in the metaphysical plane of the existence.
You can have a look at this book going to or to or and type in The Vibrations of Words


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