Young Woman Cooking Royalty Free Stock Image

First of all, I cut the green onions into very small pieces.
Then, I fry onions for a few minutes with the olive oil of my land.
Then I add salt, peeled tomatoes, and finally a half
teaspoon of sugar. This small amount of sugar is very
important, for it removes the sourness of the tomato. Last, I
season the sauce with two teaspoons of raw olive oil and small
leaves of basil. Our traditional Sicilian basil has small leaves.
The fragrance given by this kind of basil is unique. But,
the real secret is a circle of three. To cook well,
you need three things: first, have good ingredients, second,
love cooking, and third, love the people whom you are
cooking for. In the end, love is at the base of everything!

Ettore Grillo, author of these books:


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