“‘Once upon a time in China, there was a farmer who lived
by the fruits of his small farm. For ploughing and for transporting
material and food, he used his horse. One unfortunate day,
the horse ran away so that the farmer ran into serious difficulties.
His neighbors pitied him and asked him questions.
“‘What are you going to do now that you do not have your
“‘What God will decide,’ he answered.
Travel to Paravati
“‘One fortunate day, the horse came back and with it a
mare, a superb mare, so that the farmer became richer than he
was before. Nevertheless, his son, trying to tame the mare, fell
down and broke his leg. Again, the neighbors gathered around
the farmer pitying him, and they were saying, “What are you
going to do now, as your son has broken his leg?”
“‘“I rely on God’s will,” was his answer once more. The
following day, the army came to recruit young men to go to
war. All the neighbors’ sons were recruited and they were
taken to war, except the farmer’s son, because of his broken
“‘What is the meaning of this story?’ I asked
“‘The meaning is very clear. In order to continue in your
quest—both spiritual and metaphysical—you do not have to
struggle but simply let yourself be driven by the events, by life.
That does not mean that you have to be slave or victim of the
circumstances. That does not mean that you do not have to own
your inner strength and energy or decisional capacity. You just
have to know that situations, circumstances, reality do not have
to be forced or exasperated. Everything has to run smoothly
like water in the river that slowly flows into the sea. You must
never run or rush. What matters in life is not to run but to hit
the center of the target.’
Excerpt taken from Travels of the Mind.
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Ettore Grillo author of The Vibrations of Words


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