It is said that also the god Mithras was born in a cave on December 25th. It is said he was begot by a virgin as well. His followers believed in the eternal life. For that he was very popular with Roman soldiers. Christianity borrowed many rituals from Mithraism and several Christian churches overlapped temples dedicated to god Mithras. Renowned is the Basilica of San Clemente in Rome, near the Coliseum. It has been built on three levels. In the last basement there is Mithras’ temple.
Hence the date of December 25th is just symbolic. It doesn’t coincide with Jesus’ birth. From time immemorial, in this day people celebrate the winter solstice, which represents the victory of the light over the darkness. On the other hand, Saint John’s birth, who was Jesus’ cousin, happens in summer solstice.
Christmas celebrations are just rituals, custom and have a symbolic meaning. They have nothing to do with the real day when Jesus was born.
Ettore Grillo author of The Vibrations of Words


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