Two years ago, I was strolling in Hollywood along Vine Street when I came across the rooms where the works of a great philosopher were exhibited. I got in and asked a person in the room information about the philosopher. He is L. Ron Hubbard, I was answered. He was the founder of Scientology. I looked around for a while and then I bought the book Dianetics. I have read this book slowly and appreciated some creative ideas. One of them regards the border between mental aberration and sanity. It is based upon the concept of generalization. The deviate generalizes everything: people, classes, races, religions, countries, and generations, good and evil; while the sane person does not lump things together without discrimination. People cannot be classified according to the country of origin, the religion they practice, the age or the social class. The sane person does not does not lump together.
Ettore Grillo author of The Vibrations of Words



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