GrilloCoverNowadays, everybody knows that life begins when two gametes join. Nevertheless, so far even scientists do not know when a human being starts to live. In other words, is the zygote, which is fruit of the union between male and female gametes, a living being endowed with soul or it is just flesh?
According to all religions human beings are not made just by flesh; they have a soul inside. Some religions, for instances Buddhism, prefer to call mind the energy or mental continuum which is inside human body, but despite different wording, every religion recognizes that man is not just flesh, for something immaterial makes its abode inside him. The soul or mind is supposed to be a kind of energy or entity which is immortal, without beginning or end.
Now, by modern technology it is possible to freeze embryos which at the right time are implanted into a uterus. It is possible to keep the embryos frozen for long time, theoretically forever. Does it mean that the immortal soul or mind which is inside the embryo is frozen as well?
The inference is just one: either the soul does not exist at all or, if it exists, it enters the body not at the time of conception but at birth. Nobody knows the truth. As for me, I strive to understand the meaning and aim of our precious human life.
Ettore Grillo author of The Vibrations of Words



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