The pope Joannes Paulus II wrote an encyclical, whose title is Fides and Ratio, Latin words to mean faith and reason. In that superb encyclical that great pope explained that faith and reason are not antithetical. They are like two wings. We have to use both so as a bird does by its wings.
The same can be said with regard to science and faith. If the scientist uses faith, he can go further in his research, otherwise it is precluded to him a field of human mind which goes beyond the mere use of intellect.
The Catholic Church has been depicted as obscurantist, but it is not like that. The first University was just Catholic and it was erected in the city of Bologna, in Italy, around the year 1000.
I want to emphasize that it is reductive to consider faith as a synonymous of confidence. In fact faith is much wider. Faith implies reason, will and love. That of Abraham was not just blind confidence, for he knew that God would not forsake him and at the right moment He would intervene to spare the life of his son Isaac.
Ettore Grillo author of The Vibrations of Words


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