It is difficult to diagnose physical diseases and much more complicate is the understanding of the mind. So far, scientists don’t know how human brain works and the issue soul or psyche is an unexplored field.
What I discovered by my travels and the meetings with many teachers, is that body, mind, spirit, and soul are linked. It is wrong to think they act separately. If you strengthen your body will end on fortify also your mind. I am talking about holism. According to holistic disciplines, man is a whole. The body affects the mind and vice versa. The Romans said mens sana in corpore sano which translated means sound mind in sound body. As for me, I healed through spirituality and the practice of holistic disciplines. Many things contributed to my recovery: theatre (acting on the stage), esotericism, travels, martial arts, Osho meditation, and so on. Reading good books is basic to be sane. Along my path I have stumbled across persons or angels who twice gave me lists of good books. I still keep with me these two lists. All the stages are described in my two books Travels of the Mind and The Vibrations of Words.
Ettore Grillo


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