Propaedeutic to an answer about compatibility of evolutionistic theory with Christianity is the solution of the issue regarding the making of the human being. Is man made up just by flesh? If not, it means that there is something immaterial inside his body. This ethereal energy or entity is called soul by Christians. Having said that, the validity test of the evolutionistic theory passes through the correct answer to the issue regarding the existence or less of the soul. In other words, does human soul have undergone evolution as well? I don’t think so. Human heart and soul never change so as we can see by leafing through the pages of human history. The bottom line is that evolution theory may be right as regard to the body but not to the soul which never changes and cannot evolve.
My two books Travels of the Mind and The Vibrations of Words are a must for whoever wants to know the relationships between body and soul. The one affects the other and vice versa.
Ettore Grillo


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