First of all, anxiety does not exist by itself. It is creation of our mind, devoid of autonomous existence. It is like a shadow projected by our thoughts. There are horses which are frightened by their own shadow, but once they understand that the shadow cannot harm them calm down. So human being is. Quite often he gets scared by nothing, by shadows. It is enough to look at this shadow, which is anxiety, and then it will disappear. Therefore the first rule to overcome anxiety passes through the observation of oneself. My tagline is “Watch yourself and you’ll not find any kinds of anxiety.” Like a shy child cannot stand a gaze anxiety is not able to resist to your enquiring look.
Another way to overcome anxiety passes through holistic disciplines. Body, mind and soul are not separated entities. They are linked and interact with each other.
Nevertheless all the techniques are useless if they lack of spirituality. Healing through spirituality is much better than healing by the assumption of medicines. My way of healing anxiety does not provoke side effects and, above all, it is completely free.
In my two books Travels of the Mind and The Vibrations of Words I have examined in depth the topic “Anxiety”.
Ettore Grillo


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