Each one reacts to happenings of life in different way. The response to an external stimulus varies from individual to individual according to his or her character, personality and mind. That means that it is not the situation itself which is bearer of anxiety but how one reacts to it.
Many people have the ability to turn difficult circumstances into favorable. As for me, I was strengthened by the adversities.
Meditating upon the impermanence is a good way to overcome anxiety. If you happen in Rome, in Via Veneto, go to visit the Crypt of Capuchins. There everything is made by real human bones, the decorations on the walls, the tables, the chandeliers, the chairs and so on. The Franciscan monks used to meditate in this crypt about the impermanence.
It is renown the saying memento mori (remember you will die) which Trappist monks everyday used to say to each other while they dug little by little a pit for their burial.
If you want to know more, have a look at Travels of the Mind or The Vibrations of Words by ETTORE GRILLO. Both of them are listed on Amazon.
Ettore Grillo


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