When Saint Bernadette asked the Lady who was standing on the rock her name the answer was “I am the Immaculate Conception.” I trust Bernadette and I believe that most of Our Lady’s apparitions are true. Many places linked to Mary’s presence have a peculiar fragrance. If you happen in Israel, go to visit Zippori, a place where Mary’s family is supposed to come from. In the open countryside there is a well not marked on the maps, but well known to the people who live in the area. The water of this well is bluish.
As for Mary’s virginity, in my opinion, the true virginity is that of one’s heart. We consider sex as a sin. Indeed it is not like that, for life comes from sex. Hence Mary was a real Virgin sinless even though possibly she begot children.
Ettore Grillo Author of The Vibrations of Words


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