The news says that a deaf person was signing with another man but a passerby mistook it for gang sign. Therefore, to prevent a probable crime, he attacked the deaf person and stabbed him many times.

How many times we misinterpret reality!

According to Hindu religion, we human beings do not experience reality as it is; rather we consider as reality what is mere projection of our mind. Hindus use the term Maya to indicate “illusion”.

What happened to the stabber, who mistook the deaf person for a gangster, can happen to any of us. How many times we are self-confident about reality! But later we recognize that our self-confidence was wrong and reality was different from our judgment. With hindsight we would have acted in a different way.

Besides of “illusion”, we are victims of our “delusions”. In Italian, a corresponding term to indicate such a word does not exist. Therefore, we have to use a phrase to express the same meaning. We paraphrase “delusion” as wrong mental perspective. It is like a distorted mirror that reflects distorted reality.

Sometimes innocents are sent into jail and even to the electric chair due to misunderstanding of reality.

Personally I am suspicious of persons who are too much self-confident. Maybe they don’t know that reality is covered with Maya’s veil!

Ettore Grillo author of Travels of the Mind and The Vibrations of Words


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