A study coming from the University of Liverpool claims reading Shakespeare and similar writers is more helpful than so called self-help books.

In my opinion all books are self-help. In my life I have read hundreds of books and can claim no book was useless to me. In fact, whoever writes a book wants to express what he harbors in his heart and mind. Knowing other people’s feelings and thoughts through ordinary books can just benefit the reader as much as self-help books.

Many times mental ailments and misconduct are caused by ignorance and error. Reading whatever book can only broaden one’s mind. Our learning springs not only from great renowned writers and poets but also from nameless writers who strive to express what they feel and know.

A friend of mine used to buy books from a bookstall by chance. According to him, the book chosen randomly made him open up new horizons in his mind and prevented him from confining himself to read books that fell within his range of interests.

Once I stumbled across a book written by a young actor who had suffered from OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). After reading that book, I could learn many forms of OCD. One of them attracted me. There was a rich girl who could not avoid getting back to the toilet hundreds of times to check if she had flushed it.

Obviously, not all books have good contents; nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that we should avoid reading them. Even from a bad book we can excerpt knowledge. Reading books with both bad and good contents help us to learn that people are not same, and books are expression of different points of view that we should respect even though we don’t agree to.

Ettore Grillo author of Travels of the Mind and The Vibrations of Words


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