Dandelion is a medicinal herb widespread throughout the world. It is indicated to cure liver diseases and has diuretic properties as well.

A few days ago I picked a fair amount of dandelion herb. Once at home, I started cleaning it and put the buds whose stem was too long and hard to eat into a flower vase and poured some water. While selecting the buds I was on the brink of throwing away one of them whose stem was broken. Its shape was not attractive but finally I decided to put also it into the flower vase along with the others.

The next morning almost all buds opened and to my surprise the most beautiful flower was the broken dandelion, as you can see in the picture.

Sometimes people are like broken dandelions. We tend to assess them by their outward appearance, but we don’t know what kind of flower they have in their heart.

Ettore Grillo Author of these books:

 A Hidden Sicilian History

The Vibrations of Words

Travels of the Mind




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