“A friend of mine is taking guitar lessons. She was experimenting with her teacher. They set two guitars at a certain distance from each other. Then the teacher played the E string. To my friend’s surprise, the E string on her guitar also vibrated. It vibrated without anybody touching it.”

“Did only the untouched E string vibrate or did the other strings vibrate too?”

“Just the E string.”

“Okay, continue your talking. I am interested in it,” said my uncle.

“Afterwards, we repeated the experiment with the B string, and the same phenomenon occurred; the corresponding B string on the other distant guitar vibrated, even though it was untouched. The inference is that for resonance to be possible two strings must be attuned.”

“Do you think there might be music that stimulates negativity?

“I can tell you that I once knew a lawyer from Palermo who dedicated most of his life to studying the world of the occult. He asserted that youngsters’ deaths, mostly due to car accidents after they spent the night in a disco, were caused by the kind of music they were listening to. In fact according to him, those rhythmic sounds triggered negative vibrations in the dancers’ bodies and souls. As such they provoked accidents. They were full of negativity they had absorbed all night, through the vibrations of bad music.”…

Excerpt from The Vibrations of Words by ETTORE GRILLO

Ettore Grillo, author of these books:

– A Hidden Sicilian History

– The Vibrations of Words

– Travels of the Mind







A few days ago, I was strolling along the streets in the center of Chiclayo when I came across a long parade made up of former students of “Collegio Nacional De San Josè”, which is a school only for boys. It was established one hundred and fifty-six years ago in Chiclayo.

The school band headed the procession.

Without music the parade would have been lifeless, but the sound of the band enlivened it and drew people from every corner of the city.

What would be life without music? It surely would be gloomy. Music exists from time immemorial. According to many, life itself originates from music, or a sound, or a word.

A long time ago, I saw a movie called Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The director was Steven Spielberg. The story was this: some people had wormed their way into a secret military base where a close encounter with aliens was going to happen. After a few attempts, the aliens got in touch with the earthmen just by playing musical notes, as their language was based on music. Was it mere science fiction? We don’t know, but it is certain that music is the only non-verbal language in the universe which everybody can understand, both earthmen and extraterrestrials.

Ettore Grillo, author of these books:

A Hidden Sicilian History

– The Vibrations of Words

– Travels of the Mind



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The Vibrations of Words is a blockbuster. It will set off your heart, mind and soul. It has many contents and will broaden your mind. In it you’ll find, music, theatre, esotericism, gibberish, Santo Daime, Judaism, Hinduism, mantras, Osho and so on.
Every sound has vibrations which produce effects on the physical and psychical plane. Also written words have vibrations. Words can create life, a new life.
Once, in the city of Prague there was a rabbi who, through words, activated a golem and with different words deactivated it. The golem was a living being devoid of soul. Have you ever heard of a golem before? Reading the Vibrations of Words new horizons will appear and for a while you’ll find yourself in the metaphysical plane of the existence.
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