“A friend of mine is taking guitar lessons. She was experimenting with her teacher. They set two guitars at a certain distance from each other. Then the teacher played the E string. To my friend’s surprise, the E string on her guitar also vibrated. It vibrated without anybody touching it.”

“Did only the untouched E string vibrate or did the other strings vibrate too?”

“Just the E string.”

“Okay, continue your talking. I am interested in it,” said my uncle.

“Afterwards, we repeated the experiment with the B string, and the same phenomenon occurred; the corresponding B string on the other distant guitar vibrated, even though it was untouched. The inference is that for resonance to be possible two strings must be attuned.”

“Do you think there might be music that stimulates negativity?

“I can tell you that I once knew a lawyer from Palermo who dedicated most of his life to studying the world of the occult. He asserted that youngsters’ deaths, mostly due to car accidents after they spent the night in a disco, were caused by the kind of music they were listening to. In fact according to him, those rhythmic sounds triggered negative vibrations in the dancers’ bodies and souls. As such they provoked accidents. They were full of negativity they had absorbed all night, through the vibrations of bad music.”…

Excerpt from The Vibrations of Words by ETTORE GRILLO

Ettore Grillo, author of these books:

– A Hidden Sicilian History

– The Vibrations of Words

– Travels of the Mind






Once upon a time, a king ordered his servant to go around
his kingdom and find all the men who had never before seen an
elephant. The honest servant followed the orders and after
some while he came back with some people who were blind
since birth. They had never heard about elephants and they did
not even know of their existence. The caliph held a great reception
with all his ministers. At the end of the banquet, he let a
big elephant come in through a wide door and the blind men
through another smaller door.
“‘Are you able to tell me what an elephant is?’ asked the
caliph to the blind men.
“‘No, we are not, we have only heard this word,’ answered
the blind men.
“‘All right, in front of you there is an elephant. Touch it; try
to understand what it is about.’
“The blind men crowded around the animal and started to
touch it carefully, dwelling upon the sensations that they received.
A blind man was stroking a foot from the top to the
bottom. The hard and wrinkled skin seemed to him a stone and
its shape was like a long and big cylinder.
“‘The elephant is a column!’ he exclaimed.
“‘No, it is a trumpet!’ said the blind man who had touched
the trunk.
“‘No, it is a broom!’ said the blind man who had touched
the tail.
“‘But no, it is a fan!’ retorted the one who had touched the
“‘No, it is a blown up balloon!’ said the blind man who had
touched the elephant’s stomach.
“Among them, there was the greatest confusion and disagreement
because each one, even if he had touched only a part
of the animal, thought he knew the entire elephant.
“‘The meaning of this story is simple and clear. Our vision
and our understanding are always partial. The soil on which we
place our feet is friable and it moves continuously, so that the
visual angle of our quest always changes. What we are able to
perceive is subjective. Each one of us is right but only with regard
to the part that we are able to reach.’
Excerpt taken from Travels of the Mind by ETTORE GRILLO
My new book The Vibrations of Words has been published a few days ago.
Ettore Grillo author of The Vibrations of Words